Arzi Lyrics English Translation – Kaka

Arzi Song Lyrics Translation by Kaka: “Arzi” is a Brand New Song, sung by Kaka. ​Arzi Song lyrics are penned by ​​Kaka, and the music was produced by ​​Agaazz.


Song Arzi
Band/Singer Kaka
Lead Vocals Kaka
Written By Kaka
Music Produced By Agaazz
Music Label Times Music

The song conveys a heartfelt plea to the college principal, requesting attention to the students’ concerns. The lyrics express the importance of the student’s final year and the challenges they face. They seek the principal’s support for organizing a camp and a mountain tour to create lasting memories. The song touches on the emotional attachment between students and teachers and how their guidance and support are deeply valued. The overall message is one of respect, gratitude, and the hope that their requests will be granted to make their last year in college memorable.

Arzi Lyrics English Translation – Kaka

To the principal ji
Gaur naal suno gall ji
College ch saal mera aakhri
Haul pende ajj kal ji
Zara nigah maaro sadde vall ji
Haan.. Haan..

To the Respected principal ji
carefully the matter, please listen
In college, it is my last year
Nowadays, we’re in worry and fear,
Please look into our matter in clear.

Vishay arzi da yaran diyan yaarian
Ess arzi nu karo parwan ji
Gall modeyo na dil fail honge
Paas karlaange sare imtihan ji

Subject of application
Is the friendship of friends
Please accept this letter of request
Do not return it
Or the heart will fail
We’ll pass all exams and tests.

Hove na dilan da nuksan ji
Ainna tusi rakheo dhyan ji shrimaan ji

Hearts must not get hurt infact,
Keep a watch on this, I request, Sir with due respect

Meri benti management nu
Sada camp ik hor lagwa deyo
Tour le jo ji pahadan vall nu
Yaadgari photo’an vi karwa deyo
Sade siraan ton thakaan jahi laa deyo
Haan.. Haan..

It’s my humble request to the management
One more camp for us, please approve
Take a tour of the mountains
Let us have a memorable photoshoot
Exhaustion from our heads, you must remove

I beg to say time very less ji
Sach aakhda mazaak ni main karda
Tussi maapeyan jahe ho sade guruo
Thodi nooh bina vi ni mera sarda
Sache dilon ohde utte marda
3 saal ton pyar ohnu karda

I beg to say time very less
Truly I’m saying
not in joke
You’re like our parents, dear teachers!
Without your daughter-in-law
I feel low and bored
With a true heart, I like her a lot 
For 3 years, I love her the most

Ik bojh hai kitaban da dimag te
Dooja maar laye vichodeyan de dar ne
Tusi khud dekhi college di zindagi
Thode bina sade dukh kihne harne
Dilan ne vi laye paye ne dharne

First, the burden of books is on the brain
Second, fear of separation is causing unrest
You’ve also seen the life of college
Without you
Who will end our distress
The hearts have also sat on protest.   

Kiddan masla gambheer khara dekhlo
Karo hukam tan hove hall ji

How much serious is the issue, you see!
Give orders
And the matter will resolve

To the principal ji
Hun minnatan te aagi gall ji
Sewa vikhe aa principal ji
Minnatan te aagi gall ji

To The Respected principal
Now on pleadings
The matter has come
To the principal ji
upon pleadings
the matter has come

College ch saal mera aakhri
Haul pende ajj kal ji
Zara nigah maaro sadde vall ji

In college, it is my last years
Nowadays, we’re in worry and fear
Please look into our matter in clear 


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