Neeve Song Lyrics Meaning in English – Phani Kalyan | Neeve Tholi Pranayam

Neeve Lyrics English Meaning by Sameera Bharadwaj, Yazin Nizar is a popular Telugu song sung by Sameera Bharadwaj, Yazin Nizar and music of this latest song is also given by Phani Kalyan. Neeve song lyrics are also penned down by SreeJo while video has been directed by Gomtesh Upadhye and Akshay Rao.


Song Neeve
Singer Sameera Bharadwaj, Yazin Nizar
Lyrics SreeJo
Music Phani Kalyan
Label Phani Kalyan Music

Neeve Song Lyrics Meaning in English – Phani Kalyan | Neeve Tholi Pranayam


Toli pranayamu neeve
You hold the position of being my initial love.

Teli manasuna neeve
You are the recognized essence of my heart.

Prema jhalluve…
You are the overflowing love.

Neeve… neeve…
You… you…

Kalalu.. modalu.. neevalle
Dreams, starting points; you are the sole one.

Manasu.. kadali alalu neevalle
Heart, akin to waves in the ocean, you are the sole one.

Kanulu tadupu neeve
You are veiled by eyes.

Kalata cherupu neeve
You embody the color of art.

Chivari malupu neeve…
Last closure you…


Etu kadalina neeve
You, the one who exceeded the limit.

Nanu vadilina neeve
You, the one who departed from me.

Edo mayave…. aa
Some magic…. ah


Madi vetikina neede
You, who sought after me

Manasadigina tode
You, the one who touched my heart.

Na jeevame… aa.. aa.. aa..
You are my life… ah.. ah.. ah..

Niluvaneedu kshanamaina !
Even in a fleeting moment of standing!

Vadalananna nee dhyasa..
You are the desire to depart.

Kalahamaina sukhamalle
Quarreling does not bring happiness.

Marutunna sambaram…
The changing joy…

Okarikokaru eduraite.
When one confronts another.

Nimishamaina yugamega..
A moment is akin to an era.

Okkosari kanumarugai
Once, when our eyes meet.

Apakinka oopiri…
The breath stops…


Gadichina katha neeve
You are the tale that unfolded.

Nadipina vidhi neeve
You are the destiny that strolled.

Na praname… aa
You are my breath… ah


Vetikina prati teeram..
You, who explored every shore.

Telipina shashi deepam
You, the one who spoke to the moon lamp.

Ne snehame…
You are the love…

Ne jate.. vidiche
You go.. leave

Oohane.. talanule
The imagination.. the rhythms

Veroke jagame
Another world

Nenika eruganule…
I am the one who arrives.

Gundeloni laya neeve.
You are the beat in the heart.

Natyamadu shruti nene..
The music I create.

Nuvvu nenu manamaite
You and I, when we unite as one.

Ado kavyame…
That is a poem…


Nanu gelichina sainyam..
You are the army that conquered me.

Nanu vetikina gamyam..
ou are the destination that found me.

Neeve na varam…aa
You are my boon…ah


Toli kadalikalone..
In the first wave..

Manasulu mudi vesee..
The hearts close..

Ido sagaram….
This is the ocean….


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