Indeed Lyrics English Translation – Cheema Y

Indeed Lyrics Translation In English by Cheema Y is the latest Punjabi song from Dripster Album. The lyrics of this song is written by Cheema Y and Music is composed by Gur Sidhu. While the song is produced by Nav Sandhu.


Song Indeed
Singer Cheema Y
Lyrics Cheema Y
Music Gur Sidhu
Label Brown Town Music

This Punjabi song is a mix of nostalgia and celebration. The singer dreams of holding a Kabaddi tournament in Chicago, showcasing their culture abroad. They reminisce about simpler times working in the fields and playing Kabaddi. While acknowledging the violence and corruption they face, the song emphasizes the importance of friendship and cherishing the present moment. They find pride in their Punjabi heritage and unwavering loyalty to their friends.

Indeed Lyrics English Translation – Cheema Y

Ik Soniye Chicago Kaudi Cup Karvauna
I aspire to host a Kabaddi championship in the lively city of Chicago.

Annevaah Ee Paisa Dulle Bagge Te Udauna
I would generously reward ‘Dulla’ and ‘Bagga’ there.

Na Na, Peeke Ni Karde Drive Soniye
Pheem Khane Karde Fly Soniye
My dear friend, I refrain from participating in risky activities or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Khudda De Vichon Dee Jehre Siri Chukde Aa
Phad Laie Illa Wangu Ni Shikaar Vaaste
We apprehend those who vigilantly watch like hawks capturing snakes from their hiding spots.

Bani Hoi Aa Jaan, Eh Jaan Vaaste
Our time on Earth is brief and fleeting, a temporary journey.

Bachna Ni Pichhe Kujh Maan Vaaste
There will be nothing remaining for us to boast about.

O Bani Hoi Aa Jaan, Eh Jaan Vaaste
Our stay on Earth is very brief, lasting for a short while.

Bachna Ni Pichhe Kujh Maan Vaaste
Nothing will be left behind for us to take pride in.

Lad Ganne Di Traali, Millan Bahar See Khalaonde
We would wait outside the mills, loading the sugarcane carts.

Ohi Munde Vadde Vadde Pikkea Ch Aunde
Now, we arrive in large trucks, same guys.

Boote Johal Wangu Shonki Aa Purane Sanda Da
I have a fondness for traditional weapons like ‘Boota Johal’ does.

Yaari Neenvian Na, Uchhia Na Saanj Ganda Da
My friends are humble and down-to-earth people.

Mannke Baithe Aa, Aokha Mannke Baithe Aa
Despite the difficulty, we have learned to accept it.

Teri Khed Miss Kareedi Nangal Ambian
Oh Nangal Ambiyan, we miss your Kabbadi performance.

Gladiator Ne Jatt Lende Dhona To Aa Nappke
We emerge from the battle like fearless warriors, transformed into gladiators.

Case Pende Bade Jattan Nu Phasaun Vaaste
Numerous false cases are filed to ensnare us, the innocent.

Bani Hoi Aa Jaan, Eh Jaan Vaaste
Life is a journey, a passage to the inevitable end,

Bachna Ni Pichhe Kujh Maan Vaaste
No glory or pride can be carried beyond this realm.

O Bani Hoi Aa Jaan, Eh Jaan Vaaste
Life is a journey that leads to an inevitable conclusion;

Bachna Ni Pichhe Kujh Maan Vaaste
no pride or glory can be taken with one into the hereafter.

Loha Sarb Guttan Ch Ki Aa Chhalle Mundian
Aiven Ni Jahan Vich Gallan Hundian
We eschew jewelry like rings, opting instead for iron “Karha,” which is what brings us renown worldwide.

Tor Dindian Ne Jang Utte Waheguru Kahike
Wag Puttran De, Maavaan Vi Daler Hundian
Mothers bid farewell to their sons with a cry of “Waheguru,” and they are just as courageous as anyone else.

Gharon Kadh Laie Vaeri, Munde Zehr Ton Vi Zehri
These young men are like venom to their enemies, forcing them out of their homes.

Akh Kam Deve Bugiye Ni Daar Vaaste
Our eyes function like radar, capturing everything within their range.

Bani Hoi Aa Jaan, Eh Jaan Vaaste
Life is a voyage, a path toward the inevitable conclusion.

Bachna Ni Pichhe Kujh Maan Vaaste
No glory or pride can be taken beyond this realm.


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