.45 Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

.45 Lyrics Meaning In English: The Punjabi song is sung by Wazir Patar, and has music by Wazir Patar while Roop Bhullar has written the 45 Lyrics. The music video of the45 song is directed by Gurjant Panesar, and it features Wazir Patar and Aveera Singh Masson. The video song is becoming increasingly viral on Instagram due to which people are becoming interested to know the translation of this song. In this article, we have explained the English translation of this song in detail.


Song .45
Singer Wazir Patar
Lyrics Roop Bhullar
Music Wazir Patar
Label Speed Records

.45 Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

Oh pehlan hi dasseya gabru de ambarsar dere
Sidhe karne haan diye aakad de jehde
Oh, Initially unveiled, the lad from Amritsar’s domain
Will straighten those, who suppress arrogance.

Moj ch rehnda gabru na chakda feelan
Satt lakh laaya gaddi te main vekhle wheelan
Gabru(me) remains lively, never losing the vibe
Bought a car worth seven lakhs, and checked out the wheels.

Batti wangran aundi aa ni paidaan bhaundi
Dedh meel ton dikhdi aa laado kaali aundi
Gracefully striding like a mare, coming
my black car appears from a distance of 1.5 miles, coming.

Manzil hauli paa launga na bahuti kaahli
Ankhan kadd da dabb naal lagga pantali
Gradually will approach the destination, no rush in the boat
45(caliber handgun) at the waist, pierce the eyes.

Matha laa lain sade naal kithe jigra penda
Shehar jaan’da sara ni main kithe rehnda
Where courage lies, who tests the limits,
The entire city knows where I reside.

Oh nave munde aa mere ton salaahan lende
Sunnde aa ni meri aap tan chup ho behnde
Oh, young lads come to seek counsel from me
Listening keenly, yet silently they observe.

Game’an khed na mere naal main haarna jaawan
Chunni ohle chehra rehan de vekh main mar na jaawan
Cheekan kadwaunge munde khichi firan taiyari
Ath saal ton roop te wazir di aa yaari
Don’t play games with me, I don’t intend to lose
Conceal your face under the scarf, I won’t perish after seeing,
The boys are preparing to stir things up,
From eight years, the bond between Roop and Wazir exists…

Ambarsar jaane roop te wazir di aa yaari
Oh majha jaanda rop te wazir di aa yaari
Amritsar knows the bond of Roop and Wazir
Majha(region located in center of punjab) knows the bond of Roop and Wazir.

Aah lokan diyan nazran ch main
Ik chandri de sabran ch main
I am in the eyes of the people,
I am in the patience of a beloved(girl).

Ho nitt diyan khabran ch main
Pind sath diyan gallan vich main
I am in the daily news,
I am in the conversations of the village…

Shehar mundeyan di charchan ch main
Oh vajj diyan searchan ch main
I am the talk of the town, among the young men,
yeah, I echo in the searches…

Oh vajj diyan searchan ch main
Yeah, I echo in the searches.

Oh vajj diyan searchan ch main
Yeah, I echo in the searches.

Haan vajjdiyan searchan ch main
Yeah, I echo in the searches.

Hathi paale mere naal vi vadh chahonde
Karna ni mainu barbaad chahonde ne
Whom I raised they seek dispute with me
They want to ruin me.

Masti aa maula di main gall na gaule
Mera ethe kise naal koi ni raule
Carefree, I do not chatter
I don’t create any disturbance with anyone here…

Kamm te aa focus main lenda load na
Gabru nu udeekda aa billboard
Focused on work, I don’t carry any burden,
Billboard waiting for me(Gabru)…

Wazir de naam te tweet chalda
Ni gaana roop ne aa likhya repeat chalda
Tweets are trending in the name of Wazir
Song written by Roop(Lyricist), is on repeat…

Ni gaana gabru da sohniye repeat chalda
Gabru(my) Song on repeat, girl…


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