Bajrang Baan Lyrics Meaning In English – Rasraj Ji Maharaj | Lofi Version

Bajrang Baan Lyrics Meaning In English by Rasraj Ji Maharaj is a brand new Hindi Bhakti Bhajan song sung by Rasraj Ji Maharaj and the music of this latest song is also composed by Rasraj Ji Maharaj. Bajrang Baan (Lofi Version) song lyrics are penned down by Traditional while the music video has been also released by Rasraj Ji Maharaj.


Song Bajrang Baan
Singer Rasraj Ji Maharaj
Lyrics Traditional
Music Rasraj Ji Maharaj
Label Rasraj Ji Maharaj

Bajrang Baan Lyrics Meaning In English – Rasraj Ji Maharaj | Lofi Version

Nishchay Prem Pratiti Te,
Vinay Karei Sanmaan,
Tehi Ke Kaaraj Sakal Shubh,
Siddh Karei Hanuman.

“A person who maintains their aspirations with complete love, faith, and humility, with the grace of Hanuman ji, all their endeavors become auspicious and successful.”

Jay Hanumant Sant Hitkaari,
Sun Lije Prabhu Araj Hamari.

“O Devotee-loving Hanuman ji, you are the well-wisher of saints, kindly listen to my humble request with grace.”

Jan Ke Kaaj Vilamb Na Kije,
Aatur Dauri Maha Sukh Dije.

O Lord Hanuman, your servant is in great distress. Please do not delay any longer; swiftly come and bring joy to your devotee.

Jaise Kudi Sindhu Mahipaara,
Surasa Badan Paithi Vistaara.

Just as you effortlessly crossed the ocean while playing, and entered the formidable and cunning mouth of Surasa, returning successfully as well.

Aage Jaay Lankini Roka,
Maarehu Laat Gai Suraloka.

When you reached Lanka and were stopped by the guardian of Lanka, Lanka’s defender, you sent her to the celestial world with a single blow.

Jaay Vibhishan Ko Sukh Dinha,
Sita Nirakhi Parampad Linha.

The way you bestowed happiness upon the Ram’s devotee Vibhishana and attained the supreme status by becoming the vessel of Mother Sita’s grace, which is extremely rare.

Baag Ujaari Sindhu Mah Bora,
Ati Aatur Jamkaatar Tora.

In your amazement, you uprooted the entire garden and submerged it in the ocean. You administered the appropriate punishment to the guardians of the garden according to their deeds.

Akshay Kumaar Ko Maari Sanhaara,
Loom Lapet Lank Ko Jaara.

In a moment, without any effort, you annihilated the ten-headed son, Akshay Kumar, and with your tail, you set the entire city of Lanka ablaze.

Laah Samaan Lank Jari Gai,
Jay Jay Dhuni Surpur Me Bhai.

Like a thatched hut, the entire city of Lanka burned down, and witnessing this act, chants of victory and praise for you echoed everywhere.

Ab Vilamb Kehi Kaaran Svami,
Kripa Karahu Ur Antaryaami.

O Lord, why this delay in my servant’s tasks now? Please, with kindness, alleviate my sorrows, for you are omniscient and know the desires of every heart.

Jay Jay Lakhan Pran Ke Data,
Aatur Hoy Dukh Karahu Nipaata.

O Savior of the meek, it was by your grace that the life of Lakshman ji was spared. In the same way, please alleviate the sorrows of this humble soul.

Jai Giridhar Jai Jai Sukh Saagar,
Sur Samuh Samarath Bhatnaagar.

O hero of warriors, all-powerful and capable in every way, bearer of mountains and the ocean of happiness, bestow your grace upon me.

Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumant Hathile,
Bairihi Maaru Bajra Ki Kile.

O Hanuman, O dispeller of sorrows, O powerful Hanuman, show me mercy. Crush my enemies with your thunderbolt and render them lifeless and breathless.

Gada Bajra Lai Bairihi Maaro,
Maharaj Prabhu Daas Ubaaro.

O Lord, wielding the mace and thunderbolt, annihilate my enemies and rescue this servant from adversities.

Suni Pukaar Hunkaar Mahaprabhu Dhaavo,
Bajra Gada Hanu Vilamb Na Laavo.

O Protector, upon hearing my plea, come with a resounding roar, swiftly wielding your divine weapons, and vanquish my adversaries, ensuring my protection.

Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumant Kapisa,
Om Hum Hum Hum Hanu Ari Ur Shisha.
Saty Hohu Hari Shapath Paayke,
Ram Doot Dharu Maaru Jaay Ke

O Hanuman, Lord of the Monkeys, I invoke you with the Tantric mantra Oṁ hrīn hrīn hrīn and Oṁ hũ hũ hũ. Strike the enemy in the chest and head. I swear by the name of Hari that all that I say is the truth. O messenger of Sri Ram, rush to attack the enemy at once.

Jay Jay Jay Hanumant Agaadha,
Dukh Paavat Jan Kehi Aparaadha.
Pooja Jap Tap Nem Achaara,
Nahi Jaanat Hau Das Tumhaara.

Glory to you, o fathomless Hanuman! Due to which offence is your devotee suffering so much? This servant of yours knows nothing of worship, sacred mantras, penance, or the discipline of rituals and virtuous acts

Van Upavan Mag Giri Grih Maahi,
Tumhare Bal Ham Darapat Naahi.
Paay Parau Kar Jori Manaavau,
Yehi Avasar Ab Kehi Goharaavau.

Relying on your strength, I have no fear anywhere – whether in the forest, garden, mountains, on the road, or in the house. I fall at your feet and entreat you with folded hands [to help me]. For whom else shall I call at this hour?

Jay Anjani Kumar Balvanta,
Shankar Suvan Vir Hanumanta.
Badan Karaal Kaal Kul Ghaalak,
Ram Sahay Sada Pratipaalak.

Hail Hanuman! All-powerful son of Anjani and brave son of Shiva. You have a fierce and terrifying body and are the slayer of even the God of Death’s minions. You are always by the side of Sri Ram and are the benefactor of all.

Bhoot, Pret, Pishaach Nishaachar,
Agni Betaal Kaal Maari Mar.
Inhe Maaru, Tohi Shapath Ram Ki,
Rakhau Nath Marjaad Naam Ki.

Slay all evil spirits: ghosts, spirits, hobgoblins, demons, fire, vampires, calamities, and epidemics. Kill all of them in the name of Lord Sri Ram thereby maintaining the sanctity and truth of the holy name.

Janaksuta Hari Das Kahaavo,
Taaki Shapath Vilamb Na Laavo.
Jai Jai Jai Dhuni Hot Akaasa,
Sumirat Hot Dusah Dukh Naasha.

You are the servant of Sri Ram and Mother Sita. I implore you in their names – make no delay. The sky is reverberating with the sound of your glories, the mere remembrance of which dispels all sorrows.

Charan Sharan Kar Jori Manaavau,
Yahi Avasar Ab Kehi Goharaavau.
Uthu Uthu Chalu Tohi Ram Duhaai,
Pay Parau Kar Jori Manaai.

I have come to take refuge at your feet. I plead with you; who else shall I call for help in this time of urgent need? Get up, get up, come along! I urge you with folded hands to swing into action.

Om Chan Chan Chan Chan Chapal Chalanta,
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta.
Om Han Han Haank Det Kapi Chanchal,
Om San San Sahami Paraane Khal Dal.

I implore you O nimble-footed Hanuman with the call of Oṁ chãṁ chãṁ chãṁ chãṁ and Oṁ hanu hanu hanu hanu. Strike swiftly like lightning! O Hanuman, you are swift. Whenever the monkeys roar, the crowd of evil-doers flee in terror.

Apane Jan Ko Turat Ubaaro,
Sumirat Hoy Anand Hamaro.
Yah Bajrang Baan Jehi Marei,
Taahi Kaho Phir Kaun Ubaarei.

Save this devotee of yours immediately. I get immense pleasure remembering you. Who can save one who is attacked with the arrow of Bajarang Baan (literally meaning an arrow as strong as a thunderbolt)

Path Karei Bajarang Baan Ki,
Hanumat Raksha Karei Praan Ki.
Yah Bajrang Baan Jo Japei,
Taate Bhoot-Pret Sab Kaampe.

Those who recite these verses of Bajarang Baan are protected for life by Hanuman. Even ghosts and evil spirits tremble out of fear of those who chant this Bajarang Baan.

Dhoop Dey Aru Japei Hamesha,
Taake Tan Nahi Rahe Kalesha.

Those who wave incense sticks in front of you and chant your holy name are always free from bodily torments of all kinds.


Prem Pratitihi Kapi Bhajei,
Sada Dharei Ur Dhyaan,
Tehi Ke Kaaraj Sakal Shubh,
Siddh Karei Hanuman.

Those who chant Hanuman’s holy name with faith, devotion, and love and always remember him in their hearts are sure to have all their desires fulfilled by Hanuman.


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