Ghost Lyrics English (Meaning) – Diljit Dosanjh

Ghost Lyrics English Meaning by Diljit Dosanjh: is latest Punjabi song sung by Diljit Dosanjh with music is given by Thiarajxtt while Ghost Title song lyrics are written by Jassajxtt. The music video released by Diljit Dosanjh Yt channel.


Song Ghost (Title Track)
Album Ghost (Album)
Singer Diljit Dosanjh
Musician Thiarajxtt
Lyricist Jassajxtt
Label Diljit Dosanjh

Ghost Lyrics English (Meaning) – Diljit Dosanjh

Houseful Vikde a Show
The show is houseful.

Downtown Lagge Billboard
The billboard is up in downtown.

Backdoor Khadi Kali Ghost
The black ghost is standing at the backdoor.

Dekh Lai Udaunde Munde Hosh
Seeing this, the people lose their senses.

Record Label Lagge a Linean Ch
There is a line at the record label.

Gal Bat Hundi a Sign-an Ch
People are talking about signing.

Yar Dive Karde a Fame-an Ch
Friends are diving into fame.

Mac Sade Aunde a Van-an Ch
Mac is coming in our van.

Private Karde a Boat
We are cruising in a private boat.

Backyard Lagge Lakeshore
There is a lakeshore in our backyard.

Vairy Oh Bane Uptown Made
We are now the Uptown Boys.

Links Sare Interstate
We have links all over the interstate.

Clubs Meri Karde a Wait
Clubs are waiting for us.

God Damn Tu Pushdi Ae Date
Damn, you are pushing the date.

Head Down Karave Crossbow
Although we have a long noses, we bow our heads.

Speed Boat Kare Mind Blow
The speedboat blows our minds.

Hovan Jadon Low I Keep It An Tose
When we are low, we keep it to ourselves.

Jaiye Jithe Utthe Vike
Let’s go where we came from.

Milis Kharche Mili Ch Pay
We have earned what we spent.

Yad Sadi Lagdi Ae Bae
The memories of the village come to mind.

Yari Sadi Aundi One Way
Our friends are going one way.

Pind Ghodiyan Te Aitthe Lambo
There are Lamborghinis here instead of village horses.

Bas Yar Katthi Karde a Dow
Just let’s cruise together.

Follow Kare LAPD
The LAPD is following us.

Yar Tan Move Karde a Freely
But we are moving freely.

Windows Down Mahaul a Breezy
The windows are down, the atmosphere is breezy.

Karda Na Like Circle Mein Cheezy
We don’t like to act cheesy in the circle.

Brisbane Kade Moscow
We show up in Brisbane or Moscow.

Im Aa Pul Up With The Hoes And Rose
We pull up with the hoes and roses.

Enemies Karte a Smoke
The enemies are smoking.

Belaire Cruise Kare Ghost
The Belaire is cruising like a ghost.

LA Cruise Kare Ghost
The LA is cruising like a ghost.

LA Cruise Kare Ghost
The LA is cruising like a ghost


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