Kothe Te Aa Mahiya Lyrics (Meaning) – Jagjit Singh | Chitra Singh

Kothe Te Aa Mahiya Lyrics English Meaning (Punjabi Tappe) – Without music life is incomplete. Teasing each other is very common in folk songs.These Punjabi Tappae as we name them are funny and humorous dialogues between couples or lovers in get together in families. Punjabi folks are known for their liveliness.


Song Kothe Te Aa Mahiya
Singer Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh
Lyrics Punjabi Folk
Music Jagjit Singh
Label Jagjit Singh

Kothe Te Aa Mahiya Lyrics (Meaning) – Jagjit Singh | Chitra Singh

Kothe Te A Mahiya, Kothe Te A Mahiya
My beloved, join me on the rooftop.

Milna Ta Mil Ake Nai Tan Khasma Nu Kha Mahiya
My dear, choose to meet me if you desire; otherwise, you’re condemned.

Ke Laina Hai Mitra To,
What specifically do you anticipate from me?

Milan Te Aa Jawan, Dar Lagta Ai Chhitran To
I would come to meet you, but I fear facing societal backlash.

Tusi Kahle Kahle Ho, Kuch Tee Sharam Karo Dhiyan Putran Wale Ho
You appear to be impatient. Acknowledge a bit of shame, you are a parent as well.

A Sare Dand Paye Kad De Ne,
They are all laughing.

Asi Tanu Chunge Lagde Te Sade Dhiyan Put Vadd De Ne
You have affection for me but harbor disdain for my children.

Ethe Pyar Di Puch Koi Na
Love has no worth in this place.

Tere Nal Nayio Bolna Tere Muh Te Muhch Koi Na
I prefer not to talk to you because you don’t have a mustache.

Maza Pyar Da Chakh Langa
I’d taste the love.

Je Tera Hukm Hove Muh To Dari Wi Rakh Langa
If you allow, I will grow a beard and a mustache.

Bage Wich Aya Karo
Visit the garden sometimes.

Jadon Asi So Jaye Tusi Makhiyan Udaya Karo
Please ensure that flies are kept away from me while I am sleeping there.

Tusi Roz Nahaya Karo
You should take a bath every day.

Makhiyan To Dar De Ho Gurr Thora Khaya Karo
If you are concerned about flies, reduce your consumption of jaggery.

Peeng Pyar Di Pawange
We would hang a love swing.

Hun Asi Mil Gaye Ha Geet Pyar De Gawange
Now that we are together, we would sing love songs.


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