Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics English (Meaning) – Guntur Kaaram

Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics English (Meaning) latest Telugu song from Guntur Kaaram. Music is composed by Thaman S and sung by Sri Krishna & Ramachary Komanduri. Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics Written By ‘Saraswati Putra’ Ramajogayya Sastry. Guntur Kaaram Directed by Trivikram and Cast Super Star Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary.

It is an emotional song with foot-tapping beats. Mahesh is seen drinking in a mill and dancing energetically. He is seen in full flow and we get a peek into the mind of Ramana’s character where he feels sorry for himself. The song is quite good and is expected to draw whistles in theatres all because of Mahesh’s dancing. Ramajogayya Sastry penned the meaningful lyrics to this song which is less than three minutes long while Ramachari, Sri Krishna and Rahul Sipligunj gave their vocals.


Song Mawaa Enthaina
Movide Guntur Kaaram
Singer Ramachari komanduri, Sri Krishna, Rahul Siplingunj
Lyrics Ramajogaiah Sastry
Music Thaman S
Label Aditya Music

Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics English (Meaning) – Guntur Kaaram

Mawa Enthaina Parledhu Billu
Bro, Whatever the bill is, let it be, don’t worry about the big bill.

Manasu Baledhu Esestha Full-u
I’m feeling down, and I’ll have a full (meal/dish).

Gunde Lothullo Guchhindhi Mullu
A thorn has entered this delicate heart of mine.

Cheppukoleni Badhe Dabullu
The pain I cannot express is double.

Maripoye Lokam Cheddollantha Ekam
The Whole world has changed; the forces of evil have united.

Najookaina Nabotodiki Dhinadinamoka Narakam
Every day is a rotting hell for a sensitive guy like me.

Yado Ledhu Lopam, Nameedhe Nakopam
There’s no one to blame; I’m angry with myself.

Andhananna Aakashaniki Enthakani Egabadatham
When the sky seems beyond reach, how long can we continue leaping?

Evvarikevvaru Ayinollantu Unnagani Lere
Hey, people believe they have connections, but in reality, no one truly belongs.

Ye Vavi Varasa Peru Pilupu Anni Noti Chivare
All relationships and affections are merely a form of lip service.

Yahe VisuguPutti Inkipoye Kandlallo Kanneere
Hey, the irritated eyes are devoid of tears.

Yetu Thirigi Choodu Manaki Maname One and Only Lover Ye
I look around and realize that I am my only lover.

Sarra Sarra Suram, Surrantadi Karam, Hey
Spicy and pungent! The bite of chili powder!

Hey Rappa Rappapa Rabba Rabaribabba
Oh, the rhythm is catchy, hey!

Inapa Suvva, Kouku Debba Iragadeese Ravanna Debba,
Iron bar, hefty hammer, one strike, shattered into sparks.

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