Mazaak Lyrics English Translation – Anuv Jain

Mazaak Lyrics Meaning In English by Anuv Jain is brand new Hindi song sung by Anuv Jain and this latest song is featuring Rutwik Deshpande, Sai Godbole. Mazaak (Mazak) song lyrics are also penned down by Anuv Jain while music is given by Angad Bahra and video has been directed by Vasudha Rungta.


Song Mazaak
Singer Anuv Jain
Lyrics Anuv Jain
Music Angad Singh Bahra
Label Anuv Jain

Mazaak Lyrics English Translation – Anuv Jain

Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai,
This is also just a joke to me, right?

Salon Se Sadkon Pe Sambhal Ke Chal Raha Tha Yoon,
For years, I was walking carefully on the streets like this,

Galon Ke Gadhon Mein Tere,
In the potholes of your cheeks,

Na Jane Kyun Mein Ladkhadake Gir Gaya Hoon,
I don’t know why I stumbled and fell,

Muskurao Aur Aise Hanso Meri Baton Pe,
Smile and laugh like this at my words,

Girta Rahoon Teri Rahon Mein,
I keep falling in your paths,

Aur In Mein Hi Kho Jaunga,
And in them, I’ll get lost,

Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai,
This is also just a joke to me, right?

Kaise Yeh Raton Ke Iradon Mein Andhera Tha Yoon,
How in the intentions of these nights, there was darkness like this

Aadhe Se Chand Si Hassi Andheri Raton Mein Ab Noor Ban Gayi Kyun,
Why has a smile as bright as half the moon become light on dark nights now,

Ae Chand Ab Chandani Ban Ke Giro Zara,
O moon, now fall as moonlight,

Girte Raho Mere Aas Pass Toh Tera Hi Ho Jaunga,
Keep falling around me, then I’ll become yours,

Ho Jaunga Tera Ehsas Hai,
I’ll become your feeling,

Sansein Hai Jab Tak Yahan Ho Jaun Main Tera,
As long as there is breath here, I’ll become yours,

Yeh Na Mera Andaz Hai,
This is not my style,

Dekho Main Khud Hass Raha Apni Baton Pe Yahan,
Look, I myself am laughing at my words here,

Aur Aise Tum Bhi Hanso Meri Baton Pe,
And you also laugh like this at my words,

Na Jane Yeh Kya Ho Raha Mujhe,
I don’t know what is happening to me,

Main Tera Hi Ho Jaunga,
I’ll become yours only,

Yeh Bhi Mazak Hi Toh Hai,
This is also just a joke,

Meri Nakal Hai Ya Asal Mein Gir Rahe Ho Tum Bhi,
Whether you are imitating me or actually falling too,

Hota Nahi Hai Ab Yaqeen, Kya Yeh Mazak Toh Nahi,
I don’t have faith anymore, is this not a joke?


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