Rangabati E Rangbati Lyrics English (Meaning) – Sambalpuri | Original song

Presenting Rangabati, THE ORIGINAL Sambalpuri Superhit Song which has been popularized by the MTV Coke Studio Season 4. Rangabati became a popular household song after it was recorded for the first time in the mid 70’s in the voice of Jitendra Haripal & Krishna Patel with additional lyrics by Mitrabhanu Guintia & re-arranged by Prabhudatta Pradhan. This album β€œRangabati” is an exclusive rendition of the Odia Song.


Song Rangabati
Singer Traditional folk song
Lyrics Traditional folk song
Language Sambalpuri

“Rangabati re rangabati” is a popular folk song in sambalpuri dialect of odia language.

The original song was recorded for All India Radio in 1970s and became widely popular at a time when transmission was limited to coastal districts and few sub stations in western odisha. In 1979/80 it became first song of India broadcasted in BBC London and VOA America .Most of the credit goes to the melodious music (written by Mitrabhanu Gauntia,composed by Prabhudatta Pradhan and sung by Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel.) and use of folk instruments (dhol,nishan jhanj and muhuri) which gave an instant flavour of odia roots and identity.

Rangabati E Rangbati Lyrics English (Meaning) – Sambalpuri | Original song

Boy-Rangabati O Rangabati
O my colourful Lady,

Rangabati Rangabati kanaka lata
tender as a golden creeper,

Hasi pade kahana katha
give me a smile and utter a sweet word of endearment for me.

Girl- Hai go laze laze o laze, laze
In my coquettishness.

laze, laze laze nai zauche matha go
I cant look straight into your eyes.

nai kara nai kara aatha
please leave me alone.

Boy- Sapana rajar sapana
You are but a royal dream.

ranir lagi suta mali helana guthan
a precious pendant strung in the queen’s necklace.

rangabati rangabati
Girl- e akhin asichhe kete sapana
You are the dream of my eyes.

eh jibardhan jibar jiban gala ratan re
The treasure of my heart, the life of my life You as my life and the jewel adorning my neck.

mane mali mahakana ho
You are the fragnance of jasmine, that seduces my desire and makes my heart dance with joy.

aha mor dhana kede milana
when you are with me, who needs friends or acquaintances?

chhana chhana hesi mana
I am eager for our union.


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