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The Saude Bazi Lyrics Meaning In English | Main Kabhi Bhoolunga Na Tujhe Lyrics Meaning from ‘Aakrosh’, starring Ajay Devgan, Akshaye Khanna and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles. Directed by Priyadarshan, the music has been composed by Pritam Chakraborty. The lyrics of the song have been penned by Irshad Kamil. The film was released on October 15th 2010.



Song Saude Bazi
Movie Aakrosh
Singer Anupam Amod, Javed Ali
Lyrics Irshad Kamil
Music Pritam
Label T-Series

Saude Bazi Lyrics English Translation – Javid Ali

Seedhe Saade Saara Sauda Seedha Seedha Hona Ji
Main Ne Tumo Pana Hai Ya Tumne Main Ko Khona Ji
Aaja Dil Ki Karein Saude Baazi, Kya Narazi
Aray Aa Re Aa Re Yaar

The whole deal should be straightforward
I want to get you or you want to lose me
Let’s do the deal of our hearts, why you are angry
hey come on..

Sauda Hai Dil Ka Yeh, Tu Kar Bhi Le
Mera Jahaan Banhon Mein Tu Bhar Bhi Le
Saude Mein De Kasam, Kasam Bhi Le
Aa Ke Tu Nigahon Mein Sanwar Bhi Le
Sauda Udanon Ka Hai Ya Aasmano Ka Hai
Le Le Udanein Meri, Le Mere Par Bhi Le
Sauda Ummido Ka Hai, Khwabon Ka, Neendon Ka Hai
Le Le Tu Neendein Meri, Nainon Mein Bhar Bhi Le

It’s a deal of the heart, you can do it too
You take my place in your arms
Give an oath in the deal, also take an oath
Come, you also take the beauty in your eyes
the deal is of flights or skies
take my flights and take my wings too
The deal is of hopes, of dreams, of sleep
Take away the sleep from my eyes
The whole deal should be straightforward..

Dil Kahe, Tere Main Honton Se Baaton Ko Chupke Se Loon Utha
Uss Jagah Dhire Se, Haule Se, Geeton Ko Apne Main Doon Bitha
Sauda Taraon Ka Hai, Dil Ke Fasanon Ka Hai
Le Le Tarane Mere, Honton Pe Dhar Bhi Le
Sauda Ujaalon Ka Hai, Roshan Khayalo Ka Hai
Le Le Ujaale Mere, Aaja Nazar Bhi Le

heart tells me, I will secretly take talks from your lips
and make sit my songs in that place slowly
The deal is of stars, it is of the passions of the heart
Take my songs and hold them on your lips
The deal is of lights, it is of bright thoughts
Take my light, take my eyes too
The whole deal should be straightforward…

Main Kabhi Bhulunga Na Tujhe, Chahe Tu Mujhko Dena Bhula
Aadaton Jaisi Hai Tu Meri, Aadatein Kaise Bhoolun Bhala
Sauda Yeh Wadon Ka Hai, Yaadon, Iradon Ka Hai
Le Le Tu Waade, Chaahe To Tu Mukar Bhi Le
Sauda Isharo Ka Hai, Chaahat Ke Maro Ka Hai
Le Le Ishare Mere, In Ka Asar Bhi Le

I will never forget you even if you forget me
You are like habits, how can I forget my habits
This deal is of promises, memories, and intentions
If you take the promise, you can also take it back.
The deal is of gestures, of the beats of love
Take my hints, take their effect too
The whole deal should be straightforward…


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