Yaanji Lyrics English Translation – Vikram Vedha

Yaanji Lyrics Meaning In English from Vikram Vedha (2017): is the latest Tamil song sung by Anirudh Ravichander, Shakthisree Gopalan featuring R. Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi with music is given by Sam C. S. while Yaanji song lyrics are written by Mohan Rajan.


Song Yaanji
Movie Vikram Vedha (2017)
Singer Anirudh Ravichander, Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics Mohan Rajan
Music Sam C. S.
Label Think Music India

Yaanji Lyrics English Translation – Vikram Vedha

Yanji Yanji En Nenjil Vandhu Vandhu Nikkura
Again & Again, Why do you keep recurring in my heart? Why?

Yen Yen Yen Enna Sanji Sanji Nee Parthu Unna Sikka Veikura
I try to slide and sway, But you just capture me with a glance!

Kanavinil Mulaikirai Imai Anaikkayil Nan
You grow in my dreams like a moon when close my eyelids.

Vinavena Valaigiren Unai Ninaikiyil
I bend over like a question mark when I reminisce about you! Why do I?

Oh Nenjathiye Nenjathiye Needhanadi En Vazhkaiye
From the depth of my soul, you’re my life! You’re the only one that matters to me!

Oh Ho Oh Nee Enbadhe Nan Engira Neeye,
Oh, you are just an extension of who I am, Like how I’m just an extension of who you are!

Yanji! Yean!

Menmaiyai Mella Nagarum Enthan Natkurippil
Vanmayai Nee Vandhu Serum Mayam Enna
What that magic brings you strongly into my soft movies days.

Ennavo Seigirai Nee En Ayul Ellaigal Pol Agirai
Some things you are doing, you are broadening the limits of my life.

Oh Ho Oh Gandhamai Ennai Ennai Eirkkum Undhan Anbhu Indru
Sandhamai Ennai Katti Podum Jalam Enna
Your love that pulls me like a magnet is also
doing the charm of making me serene…

Ketkiren Kooradi Penmaiye
I am asking you about femininity…

Vazhka Poghum Thooram Neeyum
Nanum Pogavenum Endhan Nenjil Kodi Asai Thondruthu
As long as life goes we two should go together
and 1000 more desires in my mind…

Nee Endhan Pathi Endrum Nanum Undhan Meedhi Endrum
Kadhal Kadhukulla Vandhu Odhudhu
You may half and I make you full, this is what
love is reciting in my ears.

Oho Yanji Ho Ho Ho

Un Viral Ennai Chellamaga Theendum Neram En Nizhal Unnai Ottikollum Romba Neram
When your fingers start pampering me, My shadow starts sticking with you.

Porvaiyil Noolena Serndhu Kondome Eppodhum Kan Moodiye
Like the threads in the blanket, we are always bonded in bed.

Bhrammanal Ana Bommalatam Boomi Meedhu Noolinal Adum
Bommaiyaga Neeyum Nanum Aduvom Saduvom Meezhuvom
In this puppet show created by God,
We are the puppets, dancing, fighting, and surviving.

Edho Ragam Nenjukulla Vandhu Vandhu Un Pera Solli Solli Paduthu
Some Raaga rises in my thoughts and singing your name.

En Raththa Cellgal Unna Kanda Pinbu
Kodigal Yendhi Unna Muththam Seiya Solli Koovudhu
After seeing you my blood cells are flagging and asking me to do you.

Ho Ho Ho Oh Nenjathiye Nenjathiye Needhanadi En Vazhkaiye
From the depths of my soul, you are my life.

Oh Ho Oh Nee Enbadhe Nan Engira Neeye,
Ohh saying “you” also mean ‘me’

Yanji Yean!


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