Akasham Pole Lyrics English Translation — Bheeshma Parvam

Aakasham Pole Lyrics English Translation from Bheeshma Parvam movie: Presenting Malayalam song Aakasham Lyrics song sung by Hamsika Iyer, Kapil Kapilan, music composed by Sushin Shyam. The Aakasham pole song lyrics were written by Rafeeq Ahammed.


Song Aakasham Pole
Movie Bheeshma Parvam
Singer Hamsika Iyer, Kapil Kapilan
Lyrics Rafeeq Ahammed
Music Sushin Shyam
Label 123Musix

Akasham Pole Lyrics English Translation — Bheeshma Parvam

Akasham Pole Akale Arikathay,
Distant but still near, akin to the sky.

Uyare Dhooratho Uyirin Charatho,
Far above, or close within my soul…

Anuraga Thee Eriyumbol Nam,
When the flames of passion ignite…

Punarathe Ariyunna Mazhayulla,
You are the longing of a rainy night.

Ravinte Kothiyanu Nee,
Which can be felt without even an embrace.

Thoomanjay Ninnu, Veyilay Njan Vannu,
I lingered like mist; I arrived as sunlight.

Ooru Shwasa Kattil, Poliyam Ennorthu,
Contemplated vanishing in a single breath.

Ida Nenjil Malar Vaka Niravulla Kanavanu Nee,
as we couldn’t split or merge,

Ida Nenjil Veezhumna Malar Vaka Niravmulla Kanavanu Nee,
You are the dream with vibrant colors that descended into my heart.

Virahagniyil Erinjalunna Ravil,
In a night ablaze with sorrow,

Thiranura Neyunna Theerangalil,
On the shores where waves are surfing,

Polarkalam Porum Vazhiyorangalil,
In the pathways of dawn,

Orkkuvanay Eeoral Mathram,
You are the sole one to reminisce about,

Pathi Athmavil Veenjumay Vannu,
who arrived with a soul filled with wine.

Mazhayilum Ee Thee Alunnu, Kara Kanatha Ravil,
this flame stays alive even in rain,

Maravikal Thodumo Nin Ormaye,
On this shoreless night, your memories cannot find oblivion.

Akasham Pole, Akale Arikathay,
Far yet so close, just like the sky..

Uyare Dhooratho, Uyirin Charatho,
So high afar, or so near my soul..

Anuraga Thee Eriyumbol Nam,
When the flames of passion ignite…

Athitutta Kalathin Alamele, Ozhukunna Ilakal Nammal
We are like those leaves that drift with the tide of time.


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