Ayalaa Ayalaa Lyrics In English (Meaning): Ayalaan | A.R.Rahman

Ayalaa Ayalaa Song Lyrics Meaning In English from Ayalaan. Music is composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by Anurag Kulkarni, and Sanjith Hegde. Ayalaa Ayalaa Lyrics written by Saraswathiputhra Ramajogayya Sastry. Ayalaan directed by R.Ravikumar and cast Sivakarthikeyan, Rakul Preet Singh, Karunakaran, Yogi Babu, Sharad Kelkar, Isha Koppikar, Banupriya, Balasaravanan.


Song Ayalaa Ayalaa
Movie Ayalaan
Singer Anurag Kulkarni , Sanjith Hegde
Lyrics Saraswathiputhra Ramajogayya Sastry
Music A.R.Rahman
Label Sony Music Entertainment

Ayalaa Ayalaa Lyrics In English (Meaning): Ayalaan | A.R.Rahman

Ayala Nee Ayala Hei Ayala Ayala
 You are an Alien!

Ayala Nee Ayala Hei Ayala Ayala Ayala Nee Ayala Hei Ayala Ayala
 You are an Alien!

Chikki Bikki Petu Kutti Planet Thaviye Vandhan
Sikki Piggy Pethu Little Planets jumped.

Pavam Indha Alien Vasi Namma Kitta Mattikkittan
Regrettably, this individual from the alley is trapped with us.

Saturn Oda Ring Thandi Style La Bhoomikku Vandhan
He traversed Saturn’s rings and made a stylish arrival on Earth.

Namm Oru Speedu Breaker Thandubothu Nattukkitttan
Attempting to traverse our speed bump, he ended up falling down.

Oora Suththi Parthan Vappaththil Trouser Verthan
He circled our location and became drenched in sweat.

Idhu Sooryana Bhoomiya Nu Doubt Aguran
He’s uncertain whether it’s Earth or the sun.

Population Parthan Evala Nu Enni Serthan
He attempted to count the population…

Avan Mathsil Number Illa Shock Aguran
And no number could be found in his calculations.

Inga Traffic-il Rendu Vandi Muttikkitta
When two vehicles collide in an accident…

Ninnu Bad Words-ah Notes Eduththan
He stands to tally the profanities uttered.

Ayala Nee Ayala Hei Ayala Ayala
 You are an Alien!

Manusa Kuttiya Satunu Partha, Nee Tappunu Olinjikkanum
Don’t glance at your child’s shirt; you need to conceal your money.

Un Neck-ula Sangili Matti, Viththai Kattiduvan Purunjukkanum
You should realize that he will place a chain around your neck and display tricks.

Nee Kannai Moodi Sky Ai Parthu Ukkarndhinna
If you sit down, close your eyes, and face the sky, you will disappear.

Poye Pochu Alienar Kovil Katti Kasey Podum Ooru
They will construct an Alien temple and commence gathering funds.

Inge Yarukkume Friend-ey Illa Kooda Varum Phone-u Tholla
No one has a friend here; the troublesome phone will accompany them.

Akkam Pakkam Veedu Kooda Other Planet Paru
Even the neighbors are deemed to be from different planets.

Therdhal Varumbodhu Thalai Katti Apeetagum
Politicians show up during elections but disappear shortly after.

Karai Vetti Ellarum Alien Than Neeye Better-u
You are much better.

Ayala Nee
You are an alien!

Vera Mozhi Heroine Vettrulaga Alien-o
Is she a heroine from another language? An extraterrestrial from another world?

Vandhavarai Vazha Vaippom Bambil Nilluppa
We will assist you in settling here; please be patient.

Voter Id Illamale Vote Kooda Podalame
You can even vote without an ID.

Engalil Nee Oruththanthan Parapa
Look, you are one of us.

Twitter Dp Onnu Podalam
We will create a profile picture for you on Twitter.

Social Message Solli Trend Alam
You can become a trend by sharing a social message.

En Vazhkai Azhagachu Unnala Color Achu
Because of you, my life has blossomed into beauty and color.

Hey Sutti Payala Nee Ayalan
Hey, alien, are you a mischievous little boy?

Oril Evlo Planets Yen Vinnaithandi Vandhu Inga Gudicha Neeye
With so many planets, why did you descend from the sky to come here?

Vera Yendha Grahaththilum Namma Tamizha Pola Mozhiye Illaiyame
They claim that no other planet has a language like our Tamil!

Ayala Ayala Ayala Ayala Ayala Ayala Nee Ayala
 You are an Alien!


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