Deposit Lyrics In English (Meaning) – Imran Khan

Deposit Lyrics Meaning In English is most recent Punjabi track performed by Imran Khan, features music composed by Chahid, and the lyrics are penned by Imran Khan himself. The music video for “Deposit” is skillfully directed by Toxic.


Song Deposit
Singer Imran Khan
Lyrics Imran Khan
Music Chahid
Label Imran Khan

Deposit Lyrics In English – Imran Khan

Mere Nal Gall Na Kari Je Deposit Na Paya,
If you need to deposit an amount, please do not talk to me.

Pake Fer Galleya Karya Je,
After you have completed that, come and have a conversation with me.

Aawange Ni Jado Billon Lawiye Na Der,
Whenever I arrive, I am punctual.

Munda Main The Hague Dawan Howa Reappear,
I will come back, I, the young man, from The Hague.

Gane Sadde Ajj Jiven Paindi Hai Chaped,
Even now, our songs pack a punch like slaps.

Zero Competition Kripya Kare Na Compare,
There is no rivalry, so don’t make comparisons.

Sadde Nal We Tu Kari Na Bauta Zada Na Interfere,
Please don’t bother me excessively.

Aggan Ni Lada Sare Ni Pase Mitti Te Da VaMain Tel,
I would ignite everything. I am the kerosene oil.

Lakh Wari Bhawein Copy Karle Ne Ho Jande Ne Ae Fail,
Even if they attempt to replicate me a million times, they will still fall short.

Loka Ne Kita Bada We Sanu Under Ni Estimate,
Many have underestimated us greatly.

Sadde Wangu Hai Industry Wich Aavega Na Koi Fer,
No one will ever enter the music business the way we did.

Ik07 Aunda Baby Jungle Da Hi Hai Sher,
IK07, my dear, is the lion of the jungle.

Sense Na Kar Sakde Aa Sare Aisa Na Koi Prepare,
People require assistance to prepare adequately against me.

Uchiyan Speed-an Gaddi Diya Ne Tod Dawa Main Gear,
I broke the car’s gears at a high speed.

Front Te Rehndi Hai Har Vele Nazrein Wekhiye Na Rear,
I don’t look back; my gaze is always forward.

Sanu Ki Lage Ki Hai Sochan Karan Na Really Care,
What doesn’t matter to me?

Lambiya Laina Lag Gaiyan Ne Lashan Da We Dher,
There’s a massive pile of dead bodies.

Re-Incarnated Makaveli Na Koi Shakespeare,
Machiavelli reincarnated, not Shakespeare

Ehna Nu Aawe Na Koi Wal Ne Tere Was Di Na Game,
They don’t know how to do it; this is not your game.

Aithe Nawe Koi Strong H Baby Sare Feather-Like Weight,
Everyone here is lightweight, sweetheart; there isn’t a strong person in sight.

Asa Dudh Me Pita Te Badamma Di Aa Plate,
I eat nuts and sip milk in this dish.

Aa Geya Ee Peyo Ve Tera Bhann Devega Gate,
Your father is here and is about to break the gate.

Aawange Ni Jade Freddy Karueger Nightmare,
I will haunt them like Freddy Krueger’s nightmares.

Aina Nu Me Dawa Super Comboshow Ka Flame,
I ignited the flame of the Super Combo show on the mirror.

Girl Teri Scream Kare Roz Sadda Name,
Every day, your daughter calls out my name.

Thoda Main Aggressive Baby Wild Te Untamed,
I tend to be untamed, wild, and aggressive.

Gadi Buggati Charso Speed Te Jandia Ni We Tez,
The Bugatti car is moving at a speed of 400 km/h.

Always On The Perfect Timing Kadi Na Awan Late,
I am always punctual and never procrastinate.

Aankhan Ne Saddiya Band Ni Billo Fully Mila Awake,
I closed my eyes and fully awakened.

Na Karan Wait
I never wait for anyone…


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