Dhai Liter Dudh Lyrics Meaning In English – Pawan P | Sushila N

Dhai Liter Dudh Lyrics Meaning In English: Dhai Liter Dudh is the most recent Pawan P, Sushila N song and music is composed by Raju Punjabi. Dhai Liter Dudh Lyrics are penned by Ramehar Mehla. This song is published under the label of Pawan Pilania – Topic.


Song Dhai Liter Dudh
Singer Pawan P, Sushila N
Lyrics Ramehar Mehla
Music Raju Punjabi
Label Pawan Pilania – Topic

Dhai Liter Dudh Lyrics Meaning In English – Pawan P | Sushila N

Mane sunya tu belli ho gya mehfila lagave se
I heard that you have become very so strong (fat) while attending parties.

Daaru ke peg lagavan lagya kukad sukad khave se
While eating chicken, you have also started drinking alcohol.

Kon bagagya tane daily gym me jau su
Who told you this, I’ve become so strong because I go to the gym every day.

Dhayi liter dudh gelya 12 ra kikad khau su
I drink two and a half liters of milk every day and eat 12 chicken leg pieces.

Tu ke soche bholi su mane sab baata ka bhera se
Just because you think I’m naive doesn’t mean I’ll believe everything you say.

Sara hari revan lagya busy phone tera se
These days your phone is always saying you are busy.

Kariye na sak chori kade tere yaar pe
You stop doubting me like that because you’re the only one I love.

Sun meri jaan hay sachha tera pyar se
Dear, listen to me, I love you only truly.

Kayi kayi din me milane tu aave se
Many days pass, and you don’t come to meet me.

Na chod diye manne mera dil gabharave se
My heart worries, thinking about whether you have left me.

Ra mere mehala pe raakh tu bharosa
You trust me because you will rule my palaces…

Pyar to badala leyi ne ib chod de ne rosa
I haven’t changed trust me.


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