Ennile Punchiri Lyrics English (Meaning) – Phoenix

Ennile Punchiri Lyrics Meaning In English from the Movie Phoenix, sung by K.S Chithra and Kapil Kapilan, lyrics of the song penned by Vinayak Sasikumar while music directed by Sam C.S.


Song Ennile Punchiri
Movie Phoenix
Singer K.S Chithra, Kapil Kapilan
Lyrics Vinayak Sasikumar
Music Sam C.S
Label 123Musix

Ennile Punchiri Lyrics English (Meaning) – Phoenix

Ennile Punchiri Neeyum, Ninnil Poothoru Njanum,
You are the reason for my smile, and I blossomed because of you.

Nnammude Kunjilam Koodum, Koode Vanna Kinaavum,
Our cozy little nest, and the dreams that accompanied it.

Punchirichanthamezhum Eeran Ravukalum,
Nights moistened with a beautiful smile…

Munthirichundukalum Veenjaam Ummakalum,
Lips adorned with the beauty of grapes and the intoxication of kisses…

Marannellam Annu Naam Ullaal Randinayaay,
Forgoing all, we turned into two companions with our hearts.

En Pokam Pinne Ninnaal Noorazhakaay,
My world has become a hundred times more beautiful because of you.

Annolam Theeraavenalum,
The summer that never came to an end…

Praanante Vingum Neeralum,
And the throbbing stinging of the soul…

Penne Nin Kayyaal Thottathum Doore, Maanjupoy Maayamaay,
When you touched it with your hands, it disappeared like an illusion.

Kontha Kilungum Ennile, Kunjukazhuthin Pirakil Nee,
Adorning my neck, adorned with a swaying rosary.

Onnu Thodumbol Njaan Veruthe, Poothupoy Naanamaal,
I blossomed and blushed at your touch.

Vidaathe Varaam Njaan Nilaathalodalaay,
I will cling to you and cherish you like moonlight.

Kedathen Vaazhwin Deepamaanu Nee,
You are the light of my life.

Edam Valam Nadannidaam,
We will stroll hand in hand.


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