Firfirey Lyrics Meaning In English – Yabesh Thapa

FirFirey Lyrics English Meaning in Nepali song is performed, written and composed by Yabesh Thapa. This song is officially not released. Here’s the lyrics and Sing along with your guitar.


Song Firfirey
Singer Yabesh Thapa
Lyrics Yabesh Thapa
Music Yabesh Thapa
Label Yabesh Thapa

Firfirey Lyrics Meaning In English – Yabesh Thapa

Yo hawa lai sodhi herana
Try asking the wind.

Yo aakash lai pani
And the sky as well.

Thaha chha din bitigo maya
Love, I know the day ended,

Tara raat chhadai chha ni
But the night’s still there,

Sapani maa aai rahanu hai maya
Love, Keep visiting my dreams.

Satai rahanu malai
And keep disturbing me.

Chandrama jhain chakilo muhaarma
In a face as bright as the moon.

Tyo saano kalo tika lagai
There’s a small black “tika” on it.

Timro aangalo nyano Sparsha
The soft touch of your embrace,

Kasari bayaan garu
How can I explain them?

Mana ma uthul puthul bhayeka
Bhawana chhan
The mind bloggling feelings in my heart
Where can I leave them?

Man chahanchha timrai aakriti
Sadain heri rahana paau
My heart wants to see your potrait
For now and foe ever.

Chhodi sansar kaa riti
Timrai aangaalo maa aau
Leaving all the beliefs of the world
I want to be in your arms.

Firfirey ghumaula
Saan naani timrai yaadama
I will spin Firfirey
In your remembrance, Saan Nani.

Jun tara pani khasai diulaa
Timrai naama maa
I will bring all the stars and the moon
In your name.


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