Hussan Illahi Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

Hussan Illahi Lyrics Meaning In English: is the latest Punjabi song sung by Wazir Patar with music also given by himself. While Hussan Ilahi (Hussain Elahi) song lyrics are written by Navvi and video is released by Speed Records YT Channel. For those who are unable to understand this song, we have given the English translation of this song in detail below.


Song Hussan Illahi
Singer Wazir Patar
Lyrics Navvi
Music Wazir Patar
Label Wazir Patar

Hussan Illahi Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

Jannat’an nu hoke, Sade pair tere karke,
Khuda kari janda, Puri khair tere karke.
My path leads to Paradise because of you
God showers his blessings because of you,

Lagiya hawavan, Hawavan sauki baithi,
Tainu ankh meri takdi na, Gair tere karke.
The passing winds become dry due to you,
My eyes don’t look at anyone else because of you

Hussan illahi, Tera ishq hai wand da,
Cheta tera bheda aave, Mausam vi thand da.
Duggne je hoge sade, Shaunk aate cha dowe,
Karlo salaam ji, Qubool farzand da.
Your divine beauty spreads love’s allure
Your memory comes to mind, weather is also wintry a
Our passions and desires become twice
Accept greetings as obligatory.

Rahe unglan te hello hey, Chadi tere vaste,
Aa gaya ni dekh munda, Surrey tere vaste.
For you, ‘Hello’ and ‘hi’ always reside on my fingers,
From Surrey, I arrive, just for you.

Waziri akhan de wicho, Keh ke kahda lagi tu,
Ghazal munde ne tha ae, Gadi tere vaste.
Saying Wazir from eyes when you pass by
The lad’s Ghazal penned for you at a time.

Hisse mere aayi, Teri deed beshkeemti,
Kakhan bha shehar layi, Khareed beshkeemti.
Your presence came in my share, invaluable,
Even for the city, it may seem priceless, but for me, it’s precious

Shayad koi pichaleyan, Janma di khatti si,
Jo asal aa ban gayi, Umeed beshkeemti.
Perhaps I believed I had good deeds in a past life,
That are now returning as invaluable beloved love.

Ho kach diyan wanga wangu, Rakhu tere chah ni,
Jaan bhave mang tainu, Siveya te na ni.
Like glasses and bangles, I’ll applaud you fourfold,
For a lifetime, I’ll never refuse, until the graveyard calls

Chittiye ni chitteyan, Gulaba da tu ittar ae,
Chitt kare tere layi, Main ho ja fana ni.
Fair maiden, you’re the scent of roses,
My heart yearns to sacrifice its essence for you

Bhave wangu gallan kare, Navvi tera tere naal,
Das kinnu hoya nhi, Pyar tere chehre naal.
Like Bawa Your Navvi(Lyricist) indulge in talks with you
Tell me, who hasn’t fallen in love with your face?

Navvi ne nawe ae, Kayi geet likhe tere layi,
Jandi aundi sunn jawi, Beh ke kade mere naal.
Navvi(Lyricist) has penned many songs for you,
Every now and then, come and share the melody with me

Dekh banjare tainu, Aa vasse shehar ch,
Jhanjhar jo payi, Mul mode sajje pair ch.
Gazing at you, wanderers find solace in the city’s embrace,
Anklets, once adorned, repay their worth by pairing with me

Mukhde te til, Tera karda makhaul,
Tainu nazron bachon’da, Ehe sikhar dupahar’ch.
The mole on your face jests with you,
yet shields you from the scorching sun in hot weather.

Kasam khuda di, Khud tu vi tere jehi nhi,
Je main chann sohna, Ankhan oh vi jama sahi ni.
I swear by God, there’s no one like you
If I say moon is beautiful, that’s also not true

Saara kuch keh ditta, Ikko is geet wich,
Sun ke tu dassi, Je koi kami peshi rahi ni.
I’ve said everything in one melody,
After listening, you tell if anything is missing


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