Notorious Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

Notorious Lyrics Meaning In English is a popular Punjabi song sung by Wazir Patar while this song is featuring Wazir Patar and Karan Bedi. Notorious song lyrics are penned down by Guri Gill while music is also composed by Wazir Patar and the music video has been directed by Gurjant Panesar.


Song Notorious
Singer wazir patar
Lyrics guri gill
Music wazir patar
Label Wazir patar

Friends, this song has become popular all over India along with Punjabi, due to which people who do not know Punjabi are also interested in knowing the English translation of this song. In this article, we have explained the English translation of this song in detail.

Notorious Lyrics English Translation – Wazir Patar

Yo! Wahzir!
Tell em where ya from man!
Uh! Majha side

Oh Kithe Rakha Maal Aye Agency Labdi
Where do I keep my stash, agencies are trying to find

Gabru Di Gaddi Cho Currency Labdi
From the man’s car, currency is what you will find

Chober Di Age Aye Aa Sawad Lendi
Man’s age is to just savour life

Adat Aa Maadi Gall Muh Te Kehndi
Got the bad habit of saying things right on the face

1 Lakh Dollar Di Ride Rakhi Aa
Got the ride worth $100,000

Shoukran Na Karke Lift Chaki Aa
Got the lift on it because of my hobbies

Ainy neat Gaddi Jime Dhoop Lishke
Car’s neat like the glare of the Sun

Gabru Toh Allhdan Di Akh Tilke
Shorty’s eyes be slipping looking at the man

Oh Aaj Kal Duniya Vi Had Kardi
These days the World is a bit too much

Rumour’an Nu Dekh Sanu Judge Kardi
Based on rumors is how they judge

Kam Na Creat Kiti hype Soniye
With my work, I have created the hype

Pairan Vich Cortez Ne White Soniye
Cortez under my feet are white

Gang Sign Kale Kol Na Mobile Ni
Only gang signs got no mobile phones here

Halki Ji Rakha Chehre Te Smile Ni
I keep a light hearted smile on my face

Bahuta Munda Ghumda Na Car’an Vich Ni
Man does not cruise around too much in cars

Miluga Studio Yaan Yaaran Vich Ni
You will find me in the studio or among my friends

Kalla Khada Gabru Front saambh Da
Each and every man takes charge at the front

Baki Mera Bhai Gurjant Saab Da
Everything else, my brother Gurjant takes care of

Wahzir da maan Guri Gill Rakh Da
Wazir’s pride is what Guri Gill maintains

Ganeya Ch Chober Na Dhil Rakh Da
Man does not leave any loose ends in his music

Charde Te Lehndе Munda Kare Jaap Ni
Dusk and dawn , man prays

Kise Kise Naal Mail Tе Milap Ni
I connect with only a few selected people

Kehnda Na Kahonda Kade Vadh Ghat Ni
Never did anything and never been called inferior

Rab Di raza Ch Rehnda Maula Jatt Ni
Jatt lives carefree under God’s will

Bhale Gabru Da Saac Tu Caneda Di Kude
Shorty in Canada is trying to get my hand in marriage

Ni Ahye Jimewari Meri Bebe Di Kude
This responsibility is of my mother

Badeya De Kehne Cho Na Bahar Chaleya
Never went against elder’s guidance

Tahi Aaj Dekh Poori Bale Bale Aa
That’s why life is all good today

Akhan Kadde Anti Nu Te Honi Toh Darhe
Stares down those who are against him but maintains the fear of fate

Phone Utte Bahuti Munda Gall Na Kare
Man doesn’t talk much on the phone

Theth Bolli Bolda Nawabi Toor Ni
Speaks in a pure dialect and has the stride of a nawab (Viceroy)

Ik Luger Di Kat Duji 12 Bor Ni
Got one Ruger and the second one is a 12gz (shotgun)

Mera Mere Naal Link Koi Group Naal Ni
My link is just with me & not any group

Main vadde vadde Raule Aithe Chup Naal Ni
I have taken down the so called big names with just my silence

Kivey Rehni Behni Kivey Vivhaar Puchdi
You ask what is my lifestyle and how’s my behaviour?

Mere Yaaran Kolon Mere Kaam Kaar Puchdi
You ask my friends about my work and my actions

Notorious Life Rehndi Bani Jaan Te
My life stays notorious and I live on the edge all the time

Ik Na Lakir Aaun Ditti Shaan Te
Did not let a single spot taint my pride

Jadon Milni Na call, Gall Jee Te Lajegi
When the call does not connect, you will take it to your heart

Mere Naide Na Tu Aai Nazran Ch Aa Je Gi
Don’t come close to me you will become a point of interest

Naide Na Tu Aai Nazran Ch Aa Je Gi
Don’t come close to me you will become a point of interest

Naide Na Tu Aai Nazran Ch Aa Je Gi
Don’t come close to me you will become a point of interest


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