Kasari Lyrics English Translation – Yabesh Thapa

Kasari Lyrics Meaning In English by Yabesh Thapa is a brand new Nepali song sung by Yabesh Thapa and music of this latest song is given by Yabesh Thapa. Kasari song lyrics are also penned down by Yabesh Thapa while music video has been released by Yabesh Thapa.


Song Kasari
Singer Yabesh Thapa
Lyrics Yabesh Thapa
Music Yabesh Thapa
Label Yabesh Thapa

Kasari Lyrics English Translation – Yabesh Thapa

Malai aaudainan sabda Bhanu timilai k?
I’m not familiar with the right words to express this. What can I say instead?

Malai aaudaina guff Launu timilai k?
I’m not up-to-date on gossip. What should I say instead?

Malai thahachaina kati kura Sikaideuna ae
I’m not knowledgeable about many things. Could you teach me?

Timi risai baseko dekhi Pagal bhaisakey
Seeing you get angry is driving me crazy.

Malai aaudaina fakauna timilai, Malai aaunna jadu tona
I’m not skilled in coaxing, nor do I know anything about black magic.

Malai aauchan kewal sadharan sabda ra Maya garchu bhanna
I only know basic words and how to express “I love you.

To you…

Sadhai bhari

Fakauna pau
I hope I get to coax you.

Yesai gari
Like this

Yo Tantalapur ghaamamaa, Timi sheetal chhaya
In this scorching sun, you are the refreshing shade.

Yo barkha orli aauda, Timi mero chhata
When the rain pours down, you’re my umbrella.

Yo barnanai garna nasakine mayalai Kasari bujhaunu?
How can I possibly explain a love that surpasses words and reasoning?

Yeti bujhidinu mero lagi timi ra Timro lagi ma chhu
Simply grasp this: I’m here for you, and you’re here for me.

Ma ta jandina fakauchan kasari Na ta aauchha korna chitra
I’m not adept at coaxing, nor do I possess the skill to draw a picture.

Timi jati risayeni maya cha Sadaiba mutu bhitra
No matter how angry you become, love will always reside in the heart.

Timilai nai
To you…


Fakauna pau
I hope I get to coax you.

Yesai gari
Like this…

Timinai Bhana
You say


TIminai Bhanideu
You say…

Kasari fakau ma?
How can I coax you?

Malai thahachaina timro mero bhagya
I’m unaware of both your fate and mine.

Malai thahachha hamro matra
I only know ours.

Timi sangai bachera, sangai marchhu
I will Live and Die with you,

Yo baacha mero pakka
This is my firm promise,

Only to you…


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