Kattu Kuyilu Lyrics English (Meaning) – Thalapathi | Poda Ellam Vittu Thallu

Kattu Kuyilu Lyrics Meaning English is a Tamil song from the 2014 film Thalapathi. It is sung by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and K.J. Yesudas. The music is composed by Ilaiyaraaja and the lyrics are written by Valee.


Song Kattu Kuyilu
Movie Thalapathi (1991)
Singer K. J. Yesudas, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
Lyrics Valee
Music Ilaiyaraaja
Label Lahari Music

The song is a romantic ballad about a man who is in love with a woman who is out of his reach. He compares her to a wild dove, which is free and untamed. He sings about how he longs to be with her, but knows that it is impossible.

The song is set to a slow, soulful melody. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and K.J. Yesudas’s vocals are heartfelt and expressive, and the lyrics are full of longing and despair.

Kattu Kuyilu Lyrics English (Meaning) – Thalapathi | Poda Ellam Vittu Thallu

Kattukkuyilu manasukkulla
Paattukkendrum panjammillae paadaththaan
Thavilai thattu thullikkittu
Kavalai vittu kattchaik kattu aadaththaan

In the heart of the wild cuckoo,
there is no dearth of songs to sing!
Beat the drums with exuberance,
forget all your worries, and get dressed(ready) to dance(in joy),

Yellorum moththaththilae sandhoasha theppaththilae
Thallaadum naeraththilae ullaasam nenjaththilae

Everyone altogether are afloat in happiness,
At the time when things become unsteady, there is happiness in the heart.

Poadaa yellaam vittuththallu
Pazhasa yellaam suttuththallu
Pudhusaa ippo porandhoamunnu

Hey dude! let go off everything!
burn away all your old memories (which are not pleasant),
think that you were re-born again now!

Payanam yengae poanaalenna
Paadhai nooru aanaalenna
Thoattam vechchavan thanneer viduvaan
Summaa nilladaa

Where ever this journey may take us to,
even if our paths diverge into a hundred other,
the one who planted the garden (God who created human) will water and take care of it,
Don’t worry, just bear it for now,

Oodhak kaatru veesa odambukkulla koosa
Kuppa koolam paththavachchi kaayalaam
Thai porakkum naalai vidiyum nalla vaelai
Pongap paalu vellam poalap paayalaam

while the cool breeze blows and as the body ecstatically flinches,
let us make a bon-fire out of the trash, and dwell in the warmth,
Tomorrow is the dawn of Thai (Tamil month for harvest), it marks the birth of good times,
let the milk boil and overflow like a flood, and strike down all our miseries,
(boiling milk is usually done for auspiciousness in India – to symbolize overflow of wealth and prosperity)

Achchu vellam pachcharisi vetti vechcha sengarumbu
Aththanaiyum thiththikkira naaldhaan
Bhandham yenna sontham yenna poanaa yenna vandhaa yenna
Uravukkellaam kavalappatta janmam naanilla

The Jaggery, The raw rice and the harvested red sugarcane,
it is the day when all these taste sweet,
what are bonds and relationships? what if they formed or broke?
I am not the one who worries about these ties,

Paasam veikka naesam veikka thoazhan undu vaazhaveikka
Avanaiththavira uravukkaaran yaarum ingillaye
Ullamattum naanaye Usiraik koodaththaanae
Yen nanban kaettaa vaangikkannu solluvaen

To show affection, to show love, I have my friend, who will take care of me,
I do not have any other relation here, other than him!
Until I am alive, If my friend asks for even my breath,
I will readily give it to him,

Yen nanban poatta soaru nidhamum thinnaen paaru
Natpaik kooda karpaip poala yennuvaen
Soagam vittu sorgham thottu
Raagam ittuth thaalam ittu
Paattup paadum vaanambaadi naamdhaan

I survived on the food served by my friend every day,
I treat my friendship to be as pure as chastity!
Let go of your worries, reach for the heavens,
With the melody and rhythm,
We sing the song like the nightingales


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