Khan Bhaini – Off Roading Lyrics English (Translation)

Off Roading Lyrics Meaning In English by Khan Bhaini is brand new Punjabi song sung by Khan Bhaini and music of this latest song is given by Guri Nimana. Off Roading song lyrics are also penned down by Khan Bhaini while music video has been directed by Sam Malhi.


Song Off Roading
Singer Khan Bhaini
Lyrics Khan Bhaini
Music Guri Nimana
Label Khan Bhaini

Khan Bhaini – Off Roading Lyrics English (Translation)

Ho Esse Karke Har Ek Nu Naa Laavan Balliye Nehde
That’s why I don’t get close to everyone, my dear.

Ho Rabb Hi Banke Beh Jaande Aa Dil Nu Lagg Jaan Jehde
Because for me those people become God who are close to my heart.

Yaaran Ton Kithe Soch Hunda Kaun Apna Kaun Begana
Where are we supposed to think about who is ours and who is a stranger?

Jihnu Load Hundi Hath Phad Le Apne Raah Main Turreya Jaana
The one who needs me, holds my hand; I just keep walking on my own path.

Ke Kismat Mitran Di Changi Balliye
I am very lucky, my dear.

Ni Jivein Kole Baith Ke Likhayi Hui Aa
As if I am sitting next to God and have written my own destiny.

Te Likhtan Jo Jaanda Ni Mitaya Mudd’ke
What I have written cannot be erased.

Gal Ikko Aa Dimaag Ch Bithayi Hoyi Aa
This is the only thing that stuck in my heart.

Ni Bheed Vich Turre Hi Ni Pehle Din Ton
I haven’t walked among the crowd since day one.

Taan Hi Gaddi Kacche Kacche Payi Hoyi Aa
That’s why I drove my car on the dirt road.

Paise Da Vi Hakk Ni Begana Balliye
No one else has any right to my money.

Ajj Tak Jinni ‘K Kamayi Hoyi Aa
All the money I have earned till date.

Bade Kehnde Hath Maarla Paise Nu Mitran
My friends tell me to save money.

Main Ki Karna Rakaane Main Taan Pehle Hi Rich Ni
But what should I do with so much money because I’m already rich?

Ankh Ankhan Vich Paake Karaan Face Te Kude
I can say anything right there by looking you in the eyes.

Gal Gol Ni Kari Di Mehfil’an De Vich Ni
I don’t hesitate to say anything.

Bade Mile Chaun Wale Mitran Nu Balliye
We have met many people whom we desire. my dear

Raaj Karde Aa Yaaran De Dilan Vich Ni
But we have settled in the hearts of our friends only.

Befikra Jo Motor Te Saunda Balliye
Who used to sleep in the fields without any worries, listening to the sound of the motor.

Ohnu Neend Kithon Auni Hotle’an De Vich Ni
That person is not going to sleep in this hotel.

Tu Velly Hoke Maari Kade Gehda Balliye
My dear, please come to visit my village sometime.

Tainu Dsange Jeonde Kivein Yaar Zindagi
I will show you what life is like for friends in the village.

Aithe Dukh Sukh Doni Aa Brabar Kude
In the village, both sorrow and happiness are equal.

Badi Simple Jehi Life Aa Rakaane Pind Di
Village life is much simpler than city life.

Tu Char Din Chandigarh Laake Balliye
Desi Living Style Aa Yaaran Da Need Di
Girl, you’ve come to the city of Chandigarh for four days and now you’re making fun of our desi lifestyle here.

Ni Eh Ton Baad Nehra Bas Nehri Aa Kude
Tere Shehar Di Aa Chaan’ni Rakaane Bind Di
The brightness of your Chandigarh city is only for a few days because after this there is darkness.

Ho Tere Lambe Bade Future Plan Goriye
You live your life through future plans, girl.

Te Assi Ajj Ch Jeon Wale Bande
we are boys who live in the present.

Teri Poli Aa Skin Pashmina Naal Di
Your skin is as soft as velvet.

Te Assi Tibbeyan De Pakhde Jahe Kande
And the skin of our body is like a Nail built in the wall.

Ke Sadde Naal Nibhauni Badi Aaukhi Goriye
It is not so easy to be friends with us,

Ke Laun Nu Taan Saara Hi Punjab Phirda
Well the whole of Punjab wants to be friends with us,

Tu Time Naal Aalhane Nu Mudd Ghuggiye
Ni Uddeya Shikaar Utte Baaz Phirda
You go to your nest in time because there is a predator roaming above.

Ja Mithiyan Naal Shehri Jatt Patt La Kude
You can impress any city dweller by listening to your sweet words.

Kithe Laada Naal Pinda Da Jawaak Birda
But you won’t be able to impress the village boys.

Tere Necklace Vich Heere Goriye
Girl, your necklace is studded with diamonds.

Te Sadde Layi Taan Teji Hi Taaj Sir Da
But for us, hard work is our crown.

Tu Dekhi Kitte Reh Ji Na Rakaane Shak Ch
Ghanta Mitran Da Painda 12-13 Lakh Ch
Our hourly price is Rs 12 to 13 lakh. You will be enthralled after knowing this.

Ni Vairi Aa Hairaan Kar Rakhe Goriye
Ni Jeb’an Ch Ni Rakhida Nasha Ae Ankh Ch
I have kept my enemies by surprise because I don’t keep drugs in my pocket,
I keep them in my eyes.

Jithe Bheedan Hikk Zor Naal Bheedi Da Goriye
Wherever I go, I take challenges on my own terms.

Aivein Badkan Ni Maariyan Begaani Chakk Ch
I don’t mess with anyone under any influence.

Kheti Baadi Khitte Nu Belong Kariye
I belong to a farming family.

Rukh Paaniyan Da Mod Diye Ikko Takk Ch
I change the course of water with one stroke.

Main Suneya Tu Padhdi Kitaban Badiyan
I heard you love listening to books, girl.

Te Gabbru Ch Aise Kujh Gunn Kudiye
There are many qualities present in the boy, read this also…

Ni Zindagi Naal Rehna Hi Ni Shikwa Koyi
Tu Thode Din Bhaini Wala Sunn Kudiye
You listen to Bhaini’S songs for some time and you will have no complaints with life.

Ni Khaure Kehdi Yaaran Diyan Bunu Kotiyan
Who knows which girl the boy will like?

Unjh Badiyan Ne Supne Laye Bunn Kudiye
Many girls have started dreaming for a boy

Saadhe Teen Mint Gabbru Nu Suni Gaur Naal
Listen carefully to the boy’s three and a half minute conversation.

Kiddan Jeone Aa Na Puchhi Kade Hunn Kudiye
After this you will automatically know how we live life…


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