Raasave Unnai Nambi Lyrics English [Translation] -Muthal Mariyathai

Here, we have compiled the lyrics of English Meaning for the song “Raasave Unna Nambi ” from the movie Muthal Mariyathai. All the songs featured in the film “Muthal Mariyathai” are excellent. Even so, this song is still enjoyed by many.


Song Raasave unnai nambi
Movie Muthal Mariyathai
Actors Sivaji Ganesan, Radha
Singer S. Janaki
lyricist Vairamuthu

Raasave Unnai Nambi Lyrics English [Translation] -Muthal Mariyathai

Raasave unne nambi indha rosapoo irukkuthunga
Oru vaartha solliteha adhu usirai vandhu urukkuthunga
vandhu solladha uravai
iva nenjodu valartha
adhu thappana karuthaa
thanneril ezhutha?

King, this Rose lives on the faith of you
you had uttered one word, that melted my life
the relationship was not explicitly agreed
but I grew that in my heart
was it wrong to do? or is that written on water?

Charanam 1

Pazhasai marakalaye
paavi maga nenju thudikkuthu
unnayum ennayum vachu ooru sanam kummi-adikkuthu

I had not forgotten the past
my heart skips a beat for that
villagers gossip about the relationship between us

adada enakkaga arumai koranjeeha
tharuma maharasa thalaya kavuntheeha
kalangam vandhalenna paaru
adhukkum nela-nnu than peru
ada mandhayila ninnalum nee veera paandi theru

you lost your greatness due to me
you had to put your face down facing the earth
do ignore the blemish-making talks
as even the moon had some of them
even if you walk among the herds stand tall like a temple cart

Charanam 2

Kadhule naracha mudi kannathile kuthuthu kuthuthu
soozhuyile padagu pola emmanasu suthuthu suthuthu

the hair that had gone white around my ears pricks my cheeks
my heart rotates like how a small boat caught in a river whirlpool

paruvam theriyama mazhayum pozhichachu
veveram theriyama manasum nanainjachu
pudhichi vachirukken moochu
edukku indha kathi-aachu
ada kannu kadhu mooku vachu oorukulle pechu

the rain came in on time
the ignorant heart enjoyed that lovely feeling
am holding onto my breath
how did this condition came?
oh no.. the villagers keep adding spice while gossipping

raaseve …


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