Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics English (Meaning) – Shreya Ghoshal | Arijit Singh

Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics Meaning In English from X Equals To Prem Bengali Movie Song Is Sung by Arijit Singh And Shreya Ghoshal. Lyrics Written by Barish. Music Composed by Sanai. Starring Arjun Chakrabarty, Madhurima Basak, Anindya Sengupta, Shruti Das And Others.


Song Bhalobashar Morshum
Movie X Equals to Prem
Singer Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh
Lyrics Barish
Music Sanai
Label SVF Music

Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics English (Meaning) – Shreya Ghoshal | Arijit Singh

Mon eke eke dui
Two solitary hearts came together.

Ekakar aami tuii…
And that led you and me to become one.

Aar na chhokh firiye ektu haansh
Stop stealing glances, just smile a little.

Nei mone ki kichui…
Don’t you remember anything?

Tor thonte daana chnui..
Feeling the touch of your lips, I take a soaring flight.

Milbe shob jboner calculus
One day, all intricate life equations will find resolution.

Smriti ra geche porobash
Memories have gone far away…

Kothara hoyeche nijhum
Words have become silent…

E buke tobu baaro maas Bhalobashari morshum
Yet, the season of love persists in the heart all year long.

Bhalobashari morshum
Season of love…

Daak naame deke jay
The person who used to address me with endearing nicknames.

Shei aager toke chai
I want that old you back…

She je shei takalei shorbonash…
You, whose single gaze could melt me.

Sakkkhi thakuk shal ashuttho boter peyadara
May these centuries-old trees bear witness to our love.

Sakkhi thakuk Chaatim polash buno ful er ghraan
May this wild fragrance of forest be the witness of our love,

Sakkhi thakuk kadai anka aahoto ek thaba
May the claw mark of animals on the muddy ground be witness…

Sakkhi thakuk hazar bochor hawar gorosthan
May these thousand-year-old winds bear witness to our love.

Sakkhi thakuk mrigonabhi kosturi bhor bela
May this holy looking early morning be witness of our love…

Sakkhi thakuk swnaotali khov jokkho pisach dol
May the wild spirits and ghosts be witness of our love…

Sakkhi thakuk bador moyur ulu dhwani r dol
May these wild animals and birds and their chirps be witness.

Sakkhii thakuk patar purut boner dabanol
May these fallen leaves and the forest fires be witness of our love.

Jhor ele tui…
When storm comes…

Sathe thhakle ki bhoy….
If you’re with me I feel no fear…

Tor thikanai pathalam ei hridoy
I have dispatched my heart to your address.

Prem hole ek sure gaan beje jai
In love both hearts play the same tune at the same time,

Shei dei jokhon tobu shei toh bhejai
Love produces melodies and, at times, brings tears to the eyes.

Byathara fiireche epash baalishe jome bhanga ghum
Pains are present at the moment, and sleep has departed.

E buke tobu baaro mash Bhalobashari morshum…
Yet, the season of love resides in the heart throughout the entire year.

Din bodle jaabe pher
Days will change again…

Haath dhore somoyer
(Wounds will heal) with the help of the time

Futbe thik mon maafik mon polash…
And once again, the flower of love will bloom in the heart.

Futbe thik mon maafik mon polash…
Once more, the heart’s desired flower of love will blossom.


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